Respect the privacy of others and use the Blind Carbon Copy field

Please consider how you would feel if someone sent an email to everyone in their address book, including you, and sent it in such a way that the name and email address of every recipient of that email, including yours, is disclosed to every recipient. You have probably been a victim of such an email already and probably many of those other people who also got that email, are total strangers to you. Should those people be provided with your name and email address? Probably not! Whoever sent those messages has to respect the privacy of others when sending email to large groups of people.

Do you need to adjust your method too? If you are sending an email to all or many of your contacts, perhaps to advise everyone you correspond with that you have a new email address, then you should use the Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) field when you are composing that message. The names and email addresses of recipients whose names you put in the Bcc field will not be disclosed to anyone else who gets the message from you. If you choose the inappropriate choice and put the recipients in the To and/or Carbon Copy (CC) fields their names (and their email address) will be disclosed to everyone who gets the message. These may be total strangers to each other, but thanks to you, they now have access to that information. This disclosure is avoided by using the Bcc field instead.

This wanton and unnecessary distribution of recipient’s names and email addresses can lead them receiving spam, virus-infected messages (from total strangers) and even be the victims of stalking. You probably wouldn’t appreciate your name and email address being handed out, without your consent, to large numbers of total strangers either. So be courteous to and respect the privacy of the people you correspond with and use the Bcc field when sending any broadcast type of email!

Tip: If you are using Outlook Express for email and don’t see the Bcc field do the following. Start a new message and click on the View menu and put a check mark beside “All headers”.