Knowing how to make good publicity is fundamental for any type of business; after all, the more your company is known, the higher the chances for getting more customers, more brand strength and more success. It depends, of course, on your business sector, but in general, you have to be creative when it comes to the advertising steps; inventive and differentiated approaches can attract more consumers than traditional actions.

When you surprise and raise the curiosity of your target audience, the underlying charisma will generate engagement. That same way, the target audience gets to know your brand and feels engaged, and so will business partners and future investors.

Ways to Advertise Your Business

Professional online presence

It is indisputable that all successful businesses have a trustworthy professional website where they present their products and services. The design of the company website should be flawless if you want to create a good first impression.

Besides the official website, blogs and social networks are free tools which can significantly enhance your direct interactions with customers, partners and future investors. It is estimated that 94% of companies have their business on social networks, which demonstrates the importance of these outreach strategies.

By making unique content available in a blog and/or in a B2B platform such as LinkedIn, you are adding value to your business and attracting more people. However, you must keep all your online platforms up-to-date; having a sluggish website, an idle blog or unresponsive profile is worth nothing and can even be harmful to your brand.

Professional SEO

Companies displayed on the first page of the search results in web browsers are often the only ones which potential customers will look into. Your business can only benefit from content optimized for search engines.

Press releases

These are important pieces of information detailing major achievements or breakthroughs done by your company. Press releases are a powerful media tool to generate publicity using free distribution. Usually, business owners use the company’s website for posting them and link that to the company’s blog and B2B platform.

Relevant network communities

Every business field has online communities which promote networking. As with social media tools, active and systematic contributions with the community are the most successful ways to advertise your business.

Local listing services

The top three local listing services are Google My Business, Bing Places and Yahoo Local, and it usually makes sense to use them when you run a local business. Listing your professional business is an important part of your inbound marketing strategy and will increase the local visibility of the services you provide.

Before the internet made our world so global, small businesses had limited ways to market their products. Now, you are equipped with compelling advertising tools which will make your business visible to the whole world; you just need to use them well.