With so many web design agencies claiming they are the best in the field, it can be difficult to find the one that suits your needs.

The first step is to find a company that has experience. Often, you will get quality services from web design companies that have a few years of experience in the field; if they are a young company you can ask for a free trial or ask for the small portfolio that they may have.

Another decisive factor is the size of the web design company. Unarguably, the best services are provided by teamwork, thus the web design company must have more than one person. A web design development team should consist of at least a user interface and user experience designer, a quality assurer, a developer, a content and an SEO specialist and a manager.

Choosing the right web design agency is not easy and, similar to summer destinations, you have a world of choice and should know what to look for.

Main aspects to look for in a web design company


The agency’s portfolio is the showcase of their work and it will indicate whether or not the company can develop the web page you want your business to have. While they may not have the exact website you are looking for – and remember that your website should be unique and tailor-made – you can still see elements you would like to incorporate into your website. Their designs ultimately reflect how well they turn your ideas into reality.

Project price and services included

Similar to menus in restaurants, some elements are billed automatically, while others, like special desserts, can be offered separately. Therefore, it is important to clarify if certain services are included in the project price. Examples of such services are design and development, SEO, information architecture, and content strategy.

Project price is how much you pay the agency to make a website for you. There are several types of contracts, the most popular being hour- and project-based contracts, Regardless of the contract type, it is important to have a clear picture of the final costs and fees before signing any work agreement. Moreover, it can be an expensive service, so instead of focusing on what you will pay, it is better to focus on the returns your investment can bring.

CMS platform and training

The purpose of a CMS platform is to ease the process of updating a website, and there are numerous platforms available. Hence, you should be informed on which one the agency is using to create your website and if they can provide the necessary training on how to add/edit content.

In the end, you need an agency that understands your needs and wishes. Clear-cut communication is essential if you want them to give you a website that sells.